Peaty's HoleShot Tubeless Puncture Plugger Repair Kit

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Box quantity: 12 sets

  • Material: 316 Stainless steel (fork) & anodised 6061 aluminium (body)
  • Applicable for MTB, road, gravel & cyclocross tyres
  • The quickest and easiest way to fix punctures that sealant can't
  • Unique single-sided fork design - simply push and roll the plug into the hook of the fork
  • Leaves the plug in place each time without pulling it back out of the tyre
  • The fork is sharp tipped & as slim as possible so it doesn’t widen the size of the hole already there like most traditional products on the market
  • Knurled body and ribbed lid / handle for extra grip
  • Weather sealing o-rings make the tool waterproof when assembled
  • What's in the box: 1 x HoleShot puncture plugger, 3 x 3mm plugs & 3 x 1.5mm plugs

1. Unscrew the lid from the tool, remove the plug sheets and put them somewhere safe.
2. Screw the cap onto the base of the fork to create a sturdy handle.
3. Find the puncture and remove any debris by cleaning the hole using the spikey knurled texture on the fork shaft.
4. Choose the right sized plug to fill the hole, it's always best to go slightly bigger than the hole - too small and it’ll pull back out again.
5. Roll the middle of the plug tightly into the dip of the fork.
6. Pinch the tyre tightly to isolate the puncture then - taking care not to push too far in and pierce the rim tape - push the plug into the hole, leaving about 10mm sticking out.
7. Pull out the fork, making sure you leave the plug inside the tyre.
8. Wrap the plug sheets back around the fork and screw the lid back on..
9. Re-inflate to the right pressure with your Holeshot CO2 Tyre Inflator.
10. Ride!