Sky Blue Engager For:te Saddle with En:tium Titanium Rail

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The Engager For:te bike saddle is designed with long and pleasure rides, Designed specifically for road and cross country biking, Engager For:te saddle weighing at just 222g! The team has been working on the saddle width to make sure that it is wide enough to support your sit bones and also to ensure blood circulation when sitting on it. The padded long-nosed design also gives you generous comfort and support while climbing. Ensuring you with a pleasant riding experience.

En:Tium Rail
The signature ​​​En:Tium rail is a mixture of titanium and chromium. By using titanium, it creates a suspension feel due to its flexibility and the chromium enhanced the strength of the rail. This allows the rider to have a piece of mind that the saddle is strong and comfortable. 


Engager's Draft Tech feature the opening heart of the bike saddle. It relieves pressure points on the body's most sensitive areas and also provides draft flow while riding.

Cover & Foam

Engager saddle uses a premium touch of microfiber for the saddle cover. Microfiber is water resistance and moisture free keeping the saddle dry and cool.

Engager saddle is engineered with high density foam that will soften to the cyclist sit bone, improving comfort throughout the ride. The more the rider ride, the better the saddle gets. Remember, more padding doesn't mean more comfort!

- 222g
- Ti Rail
- Microfiber cover
High density foam
- Road | Cross Country Discipline